Improve mental, emotional and physical health with taichi qigong

In taichi qigong the peaceful flow of movement, co-ordinated with the slow washing in and out of breath, and the cultivation of mindfulness, help move us into a deeply relaxed and healing state.

"The gentle and thorough way of teaching is extraordinarily special and so very appreciated. The quality too of your voice adds greatly to the calming effects of the exercises."

Taichi shibashi (18) qigong

Taichi 18-move qigong was developed in the 1970s. It owes both its flowing-water like quality to taijiquan (tai chi) as well as its emphasis on rooted postures and body alignment. This is probably the most comprehensive course in this popular qigong form ever published with 10 hours of video.



“The gentle and thorough way of teaching is extraordinarily special and so very appreciated. The quality too of your voice adds greatly to the calming effects of the exercises.”


“This is a wonderful course. It is so informative, detailed and all-encompassing. It has very clear concise descriptions of the forms and the short and extended lessons were very helpful to refine my practice. I hope I can continue to refer to the videos and lessons. I enjoy this form. I find it quite powerful, and I want to include it more with my other Qi gong practice.”


“I’m so impressed. It is the practice I have been missing from my 12 years of training in Wing Chun. I intend to make qigong a central part of my life. I hope you have more courses available in the future.”


“Wonderful presentation, with good explanations. I could listen to Peter’s voice all day!”


“Thank you! I am enjoying this practice immensely and I already feel better, sleep better and move better. I really appreciate the format of smaller sections that help to pull it all together.”


“I deeply appreciated this entire course. I have been so grateful to get back into my qi gong practice and am pleased to have access to such a gifted and serious teacher. Thank you so much for providing this venue. I can't say how much it means to me.”


“I absolutely love the format and instruction of this course! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us! I know I will become a better acupuncturist as I continue to practice your instruction of qigong.”


An excellent beginner's choice for a very smooth, gentle qigong flow: the whole body can be invigorated in less than thirty minutes, and the moves are safe for virtually any physique or skill level. Many of Deadman's insightful discussions of the finer postural/mindfulness details can be applied throughout one's qigong practice.”

“Peter is the perfect instructor. His soft and kindly manner, together with his comprehensive and extremely perceptive understanding of this form of qigong, make this a truly enlightening as well as beautiful experience. I am so glad a friend stumbled upon this and introduced me to it.”


“Great and thorough teaching, very clear and well explained and demonstrated. I wish the instructor promoted it more because the information here is very valuable.”


“Thank you Peter Deadman for helping me to deepen my practice by your generous sharing of your knowledge and years of wisdom. There is something deeply engaging and beautiful about the Shibashi set, I am insatiably drawn to... I appreciate you unveiling some of the hidden layers and complexities of this seemingly simplistic artform which I will internalise through my practice each day immersed in nature and will revisit this again and again!”


“Peter Deadman epitomizes the Confucian statement that "Sincerity leads to great accomplishment". The instructor's wonderful presence comes through in these videos. The attention to important details regarding such factors as proper breathing, moving correctly so as to benefit rather than damage the knees, as well as many more clearly instructed aspects of correct internal exercise is most appreciated. I sincerely appreciate the instructor's sharing of this teaching.”

“A very clear and knowledgeable explanation of the techniques and principles of this important qigong form. I know I will be referring back to the course time and again to refine and deepen my practice. Thank you so much, Peter, for sharing your knowledge so generously.”


“My expectations were high - this course is exceeding them!”


“Perfect! Just what I needed to calm and ground myself. I am in recovery from being ill for 3 months and it allows me to move and exercise without exhausting me. In fact it gives me energy and a sense of well being, and a skill that I can build on to take into the future.”


“Wow its brilliant thank you Peter - wonderful guidance, very clear and easy to follow and calming and informative.”


“I am really enjoying this course; it's thorough and clear, and a brilliant resource to come back to when my practice becomes a bit woolly. I love the theory and background and attention to detail. I have taken Peter's courses in person, and this is just as good, if not better.”


“The course is structured in a way that progressively ensures that you discover a practice that will serve you physically, physiologically & psychologically for the rest of your life, albeit in your 30’s or 90’s. The host, Peter Deadman shares more than 30 years of practice and, as well as the above benefits, wakes you up to a relationship with art & nature within the practice, that is often overlooked in today’s world.”


“This course is life changing and a true gift to all who are blessed to discover and practice it.”


“I Love the pace, the explanations of each section from releasing shoulders, to position of knees and hands and the amazing step by step videos. Peter is an amazing teacher.”


“Really loving this course. The pace and clarity are exceptional. I am improving every time I practice with the videos, as Peter is constantly making suggestions which are relevant and accurate. He has managed a great balance between detail, pace and engagement.”


This course is has gone way behind my expectations and loving the process! Very clear in your delivery and loving it. I'm very grateful to you for putting this course out there. I'm feeling very blessed to have found it. Thanks”

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